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XEN-TAN Body SpongeXEN-TAN Body Sponge
You don't have to agonize over uneven color, or worry about discolored palms. Xen-Tan Body Sponge is the perfect companion for the Xen-Tan Mist Intense. You can apply flawless color all over without streaking, uneven color, or worry. Made of soft, durable ....
Lowest Price: $6.00
XEN-TAN Body ScrubXEN-TAN Body Scrub
Are you worried your dry skin won't absorb your self-tanner evenly? Xen-Tan Body scrub is designed to gently, yet effectively deep clean and purify your skin before application of self-tanners. Its exfoliating beads are soothe and comfort as they slough a ....
Lowest Price: $18.00
XEN-TAN Face TannerXEN-TAN Face Tanner
Are you tired of the inequality between facial and body tanners? Most tanners are just good for your body, but can't be applied to your face. With Xen-Tan Face Tanner, you can achieve a realistic tan with a lightweight formula that's good for your face. I ....
Lowest Price: $19.00
XEN-TAN Transform Gradual Self TanXEN-TAN Transform Gradual Self Tan
Tired of baking in the hot, destructive sun? Now you can build that healthy summer glow without the damage. Xen-Tan Transform is a daily tanning lotion that captures the power of the sun in a bottle. Designed to provide a layer of sheer instant color, it ....
Lowest Price: $20.00
XEN-TAN Deep Bronze Instant Self-TanXEN-TAN Deep Bronze Instant Self-Tan
A little bit of color goes a long way to make your skin look healthier, more radiant, and positively glowing. Baking in the sun, however, leaves your skin drained and unhealthy. With Xen-Tan Deep Bronze, it's like a day at the beach, bottled into a unique ....
Lowest Price: $26.00
XEN-TAN Tan ExtenderXEN-TAN Tan Extender
Desperately trying to hold on to your sunless tan? The non-greasy lotion formula of Xen-Tan Tan Extender is a gentle lotion that goes on smooth and white, then thoroughly absorbs deep into the skin to extend the life of your tan for up to several weeks. I ....
Lowest Price: $28.00
XEN-TAN Perfect BronzeXEN-TAN Perfect Bronze
Don't be jealous of other people's gorgeous tans. Achieve your own without the hassle or the skin damage. With Xen-Tan Perfect Bronze, you don't have to waste your time with tanning products or trips to the tanning beds. Conveniently designed in a neat, c ....
Lowest Price: $28.00
XEN-TAN Mousse IntenseXEN-TAN Mousse Intense
In the past, achieving a beautifully radiant summer glow usually left you regretting it later in life. Xen-Tan Mousse Intense gives you long-lasting, flawless, sun-kissed color that's a treat for your skin because it's actually good for you. The easy-appl ....
Lowest Price: $29.00
XEN-TAN Mist IntenseXEN-TAN Mist Intense
You shouldn't have to compromise the natural health and beauty of your skin just to achieve and maintain your tan. Xen-Tan Mist Intense provides the perfect level of flawless, natural looking color that's safe for your whole body. It doesn't look streaky ....
Lowest Price: $29.00
XEN-TAN Dark LotionXEN-TAN Dark Lotion
Don't just fade into the background. Stand out from the crowd. Most self-tanners fade and leave skin looking patchy and uneven. With Xen-Tan Dark Lotion, the moisture-rich formula is designed to give you the ultimate tan, precisely to your specifications. ....
Lowest Price: $39.00
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