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XEN-TAN Body ScrubXEN-TAN Body Scrub
Are you worried your dry skin won't absorb your self-tanner evenly? Xen-Tan Body scrub is designed to gently, yet effectively deep clean and purify your skin before application of self-tanners. Its exfoliating beads are soothe and comfort as they slough a ....
Lowest Price: $18.00
XEN-TAN Face TannerXEN-TAN Face Tanner
Are you tired of the inequality between facial and body tanners? Most tanners are just good for your body, but can't be applied to your face. With Xen-Tan Face Tanner, you can achieve a realistic tan with a lightweight formula that's good for your face. I ....
Lowest Price: $19.00
XEN-TAN Transform Gradual Self TanXEN-TAN Transform Gradual Self Tan
Tired of baking in the hot, destructive sun? Now you can build that healthy summer glow without the damage. Xen-Tan Transform is a daily tanning lotion that captures the power of the sun in a bottle. Designed to provide a layer of sheer instant color, it ....
Lowest Price: $20.00
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